Visas for the CAN 2010 football championship in Angola

The Angolan authorities have now published detailed guidance on how to obtain a visa if you are planning on visiting Angola for the CAN 2010 football championship in January. I’m not a visa expert and my Portuguese is not perfect (expecially when reading legal Portuguese), but it looks like visitors will need a letter of invitation from the various football authorities (CAF or CAN and/or a travel agent). But please do not take my word for it as I may have mistranslated some of it.  The relevant extract of the guidance is ”

  • Do processo de requerimento do visto de permanência temporária ou de turismo deverá obrigatoriamente apresentar: 
  • a)  Documento da CAF, COCAN ou outra estrutura do COCAN, que funcionam como carta de chamada e de validade da empresa de turismo, onde consta os seguintes elementos:……………..

    The full guidance is on the COCAN website

    What is clear is that if you plan to travel to Angola for the CAN you need to apply ASAP for your visa.

    If you can help with a more authoritative interpretation of this particular paragraph of the rules, please let me know.

    Now updated – see post dated 28 December above.


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