Angola event in London

 The Travel Bookshop.    Next talk at The Travel Bookshop – Thursday 7  January at 1900

nb this talk has been rescheduled for Tuesday 9 February

Angola by Mike Stead

Mike Stead is the author of the “Bradt Guide to Angola”.  He will be discussing living and travelling in a country which has only recently come out of a protracted civil war.

From the introduction:

“So what can the visitor expect when they go to Angola? The hackneyed phrase ‘war-torn Angola’ should be deleted and consigned to the recycle bin. (…) Angola is moving forward, reconstruction is taking place everywhere and there is a huge feeling of self-confidence, pride and optimism (…) Angola is keen to regain lost time and things are changing incredibly fast – travellers shouldn’t waste another minute if they are keen to see its raw beauty.”

He was recently interviewed by Sandi Toksvig on BBC  Radio 4’s Excess Baggage programme.

Tickets are £3 (includes wine)

The Travel Bookshop, 13-15 Blenheim Crescent, London W11 2EE, 0207 229 5260


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One Response to “Angola event in London”

  1. Abdullahi Says:

    I tip Angola 2010 to be one of the best ognized of Africa cup of nation tonament hosted.But i was disapointed when i heard the bad news that Togolese team had been attacked by group of rebels we beg them in the name of Allah to allow they should allow this competition go on successful to defend the good name of Angola and Africe in general because it is a shame to all Africa for what had happen to the togolase team not only Angola.May Allah guide all who went to watch this beautiful game of Africa.

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