New hotel portal for Angola

A new portal for booking hotels in Angola is now on-line. It’s a good start but far from perfect and needs a lot more work on it before it will be genuinely useful. For instance the listings for Luanda are very incomplete and the entry for the President hotel suggests it is still part of the Meridien chain (which it is not). The home page names two hotels in Benguela province yet they do not appear under the Benguela tab. And finally, most of the tabs for the provinces have no hotels listed.


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2 Responses to “New hotel portal for Angola”

  1. mireille Says:

    what about Ndalatando and Malange?
    when you ask for hotels in those 2 places how can it replies that there are no hotels there!!!

  2. Julio Fernades Says:

    I find other new hotel portal for Angola.

    I think is the best at the moment.

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