Artangola@Portuguese Festival in London

Sunday 2nd May 2010@Lost Theatre,  208 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2JU

An invitational exhibition:

Bruno Santos (painter)
Exhibit starts at 12noon.
An Angolan artist based in Stoke on Trent with a truly wonderful soul, when you talk to Bruno he fills you with his optimistic nature. You walk away smiling… His paintings do the same. When others are moaning about there being no opportunity in the Uk, Bruno feels the UK has been a great place for him and now he feels that he needs to give something back.

Jose’ Batista (woodcraft).
Workshop from 14pm to 16pm
An Angolan artist based in Newcastle with more then 25 years of experience in the art of wood carving. The art of Angola derives from centuries of tradition and cultural rituals. The most famous symbols are wooden masks and sculptures, which are not only merely aesthetic creations, but play an important role in rituals that celebrate the passage from childhood to adulthood, the birth and the death, the new harvest, the hunting season, etc.

Angolan School of Theatre (representations of poems):
Poetry session from 16pm to 17pm

Fernando Pessoa – is one of the greatest and most representative poets of the twentieth century. To understand life, to give or to refuse it depends deeply on our feelings, perhaps more than on our reason. Pessoa’s poems are major examples of existentialist philosophy.

Viriato da Cruz – is one of the great contributor for the development of the Angolan literature, form and thematic of his work are characterized by having an enormous sense of African values.

Short video & Documentary from 17:30 to 18:15

‘Capoeira, dance or fight?’ (directed by Jose’ Fernandez)
A documentary about the history of capoeira, a tradition that have started in Africa and developed in Brazil.

‘Destino’ (directed by Jose’ Fernandes)
A short film shot at the heart of Luanda capital of Angola, featuring Mister K and Game Walla.

Everyone is welcome!

Ticket: £5 (all inclusive)


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