Bradt Guide to Angola : Thanks from the Mines Advisory Group

Two photographers who contributed photos to the Bradt Guide to Angola kindly donated their fees to the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). MAG does tremendous work in Angola and in many other countries around the world. If you would like to contribute to this vital organisation, please follow this link

To the Managing Director, Bradt Travel Guides

Thank you from MAG!

On behalf of everyone who has been helped by the work of MAG we would like to thank you for your recent donation. Since 1989 MAG has operated in more than 35 countries working to destroy the legacy left behind after conflict. Your donation allows MAG to respond to emergencies to help communities get their livelihoods back on track – without public donations we would not be able to achieve this.

MAG is very proud that at least 90 per cent of all our income goes directly to our programmes. Through the removal of the threats left in post conflict areas, and through our Community Liaison and Mine Education Programmes we are able to give power back to communities and allow them to build their own path to a more sustainable future. To read the latest case study about MAGs work to reduce cluster munitions in Lebanon please visit

Clearing the weapons left behind after conflict is the first step towards helping a conflict-affected community get back on its feet. So once again many thanks for your support, your generosity enables us to continue saving lives and building futures.

Kind regards

Public Fundraising Assistant


 68 Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3NJ


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