Yuri Da Cunha and Bonga perform in London at the IndigO2

Angolan singer, Yuri da Cunha, and his band will perform in  Portugal and the  United Kingdom from June 18 to August 2.

Accompanying Yuri da Cunha for his Portuguese shows will be Barcelo de Carvalho, better known as  “Bonga”, Anselmo Ralph, Perola, Lambas Group, Portuguese Rui Veloso and Cape Verde’s Boss AC and Jorge Neto.

For the UK performance on Friday June 25th at 2100 at the IndigO2 , Yuri da Cunha is counting on Bonga, Anselmo Ralph, Perola,  Lambas, Boss AC and Cape Verdean Suzana Lobrano. Tickets available from the O2 arena, Café de Cascais in Leyton, and ticketmaster.co.uk


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One Response to “Yuri Da Cunha and Bonga perform in London at the IndigO2”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I attended your talk early in the year at the Travellers bookshop. I eventually made it out to Angola, after my second attempt to get visa (first time it was rejected on spurious reasons). It is certainly a vibrant and busy city Luanda with lots of construction. I also managed to use eco tur and travelled by road to Benguela down the coat.

    Your book was invaluable to me, it was in my hands the whole trip very useful.

    thanks again,


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