Campanha Reviver is once again celebrating the City of Luanda.

Our next event will be on the 27th of June, at Largo do Baleizão

The event runs between 1400 and 1900 at the Largo do Baleizão (opposite Hotel Continental).  Festivities include:

–          2:00 pm – Opening

–          2:30 pm  – 1 Guided walking tour and 1 guided bus tour of the Historic Town Centre departing. Signing up on the day at the site on a fist come first served basis, from 2pm at the Tours stall.

–          2:45 pm – Capoeira, Bassula, folk dancing from Luanda, Theatre, poetry

–          4:45 pm – A Presentation on the Elinga theatre  building by Angela Mingas and Cristina Pinto

–          5:30 pm – live Music by guest musician

–          7 pm – closure

There will also be:

 an exhibition; children´s activities aiming to raise their awareness of Luanda´s cultural heritage; a handicrafts bazaar and food and drinks stalls.

We invite you to join us and take part of this campaign which aims to promote the rehabilitation of the Historic Town of Luanda


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