Angola – the number of ATMs increases

10/8/10 7:40 PM

Number of automatic teller machines rises to 995


Luanda – The number of automatic teller machines (ATM) rose from 717 in 2008 to 995 in 2009, according to a “Banca em Analise/2010” study presented Friday in Luanda by the consulting and audit firm, Deloitte Angola.

According to the study, based on indicators of 2009, the number of ATMs has grown to 7,587 terminals, against the 2,660 that existed in 2008.
The number of credit and debit cards increased by about four percent, as well as the number of valid cards which recorded a growth of 12 percent, the source also said.
Simultaneously, the study adds, the number of transactions grew by about 34 percent compared to 2008, with an increase of 31 percent in transactions effected on ATMs and 94 percent on Automatic Payment Terminals (APT).
This study of the sector, prepared by Deloitte, is a compilation of public information available for 16 of the 19 commercial banks operating in Angola in 2009 and Angola Reserve Bank (BNA), in addition to data collected from other markets, including the Portuguese, Brazilian, South African and American.

Source – Angop


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