Delta postpones the launch of its new Atlanta/Luanda route

The new airline flight schedule to fly from Atlanta to Luanda, Angola by Delta Air Lines Inc. has been canceled. The airline was to launch its first flight from Atlanta to Luanda on January 20 but cancelled it due to weak consumer demand.  

Delta gained government approvals for the route in 2010 after a two-year application process.

 Delta spokesman Kent Landers said “We retain the necessary government approvals to start the route at a future date.” He did not say when Delta would retry the launch.

The Atlanta-Luanda flight was to include a stop in Dakar, Senegal, which Delta currently serves from New York. The Atlanta-Dakar service will not begin independent of the Angola route, Landers said. Delta previously offered service from Atlanta to Dakar but moved it to New York in 2009.

Delta’s expansion into Africa has not always gone as planned. In 2009, planned flight launches to Nairobi, Kenya, and Monrovia, Liberia, were nixed by the US Transportation Security Administration, which cited insufficient security at the African airports.

Delta launched the Liberia flight in 2010 but has yet to begin Kenya service. The company offers service from New York to Cairo.



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2 Responses to “Delta postpones the launch of its new Atlanta/Luanda route”

  1. Arick Wierson Says:

    This is most disappointing. Its very inconvenient to get from Luanda to the US. Its a haul, and it almost always means spening a night in Joburg, Brazil, or in Europe.
    -Arick Wierson

  2. claudiocsilva Says:

    Not necessarily, Arick. I’ve been going to Luanda twice a year for several years now, and have never spent a night in Joburg, Brazil, or Europe…what you have to do is be flexible when booking your flight and book a flight using two different air carriers. Websites like Bing and Kayak are the best ways to do this. Hope this was of some help!

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