Luanda International Jazz Festival 2011

Now in its 3rd year the Luanda International Jazz Festival is rapidly becoming a worldwide name in the music industry. Organisers announced the additional 9 artists that will perform at Cine Atlantico from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July 2011. The festival is already one of the hottest events on the Angolan music calendar, with these new announcements, festival organisers are expecting a sold out show. The final lineup will see 19 top class musicians performing at the festival.

Leading the US team is the legendry artist, Macy Gray, who will make her debut appearance in Luanda. Her performance is expected to be a phenomenal musical melange of old-school soul, hip-hop, R&B, funk, and rock.

Ms Gray is in very good company with double grammy winning trumpet player, Roy Hargrove also from the USA. Hargrove was discovered as a high school student by no less than Wynton Marsalis. Over the past two decades he has managed to take his place as one of the greatest players of his generation. He has led bands in the Afro Cuban style; in jazz, hip hop/funk/soul- all of them phenomenally successful.

One of the things making the festival such a magical event is the festival celebrates rich music styles. Cubano Gonzalo Rubacalba is a perfect example: Here is a heavyweight jazz pianist from a country famous for piano masters and Rubacalba’s two Grammy Awards, 14 nominations and 23 albums have earned him membership of a very select club. Ever since he chose his main instrument at the age of 9, Gonzalo Rubacalba’s work has grown to embrace the most exciting and demanding bebop as well as the most poetic Afro Cuban roots music.

“Africa, she is my mother…” says Fernando Araujo better known as Yami. Living in Portugal for most of his life, Yami is an artist whose work is a living monument to the global power of African music. Born in Angola, he spreads his love for Semba, Caribbean Zouk and Brazilian Samba where ever he plays. In live performance Yami brings out all the energy and optimism of the funkiest Lusophone rhythms. They are mingled in his blood and as you can expect, the musicianship is extraordinary. Yami’s instruments of choice are guitar and bass and naturally, he sings in Kimbundo.
From Torino in Italy, Roberta Gambarini was born into a jazz loving family and started playing clarinet at the age of 12. By her late teens, she found herself on the jazz festival circuit in Europe and after some time in Boston USA, her career really took off. Today Gambarini has played among the greatest artists in jazz on every continent – with warmth, skill and impeccable timing. Roberta Gambarini’s performance in Luanda is a jazz lover’s dream come true.
Locally based group, Banda Maravilha has graced the stages and screens of the city since 1993. Started by five Angolan musicians, Banda Maravilha has built a reputation for masterful interpretations of Semba rhythms and within the group’s guitar melodies you will find beautiful works such as Zungueira, a passionate tribute to the women of Luanda and their daily struggles for sake of their children.

There is no doubt where Kizua Gourgel got his inspiration from; he started performing with his parents at the age of four years. Kizua went on to learn the guitar, he performed with Grupo Gingas do Maculusso and later gained much love and recognition for “Tetembwa” and Depois do fim”. With these and other radio hits Kizua has melted the boundaries between pop, Afro or jazz – they are all there wrapped in his remarkable voice.
Then from Southern Africa, the festival welcomes Sibongile Khumalo. Khumalo is well known as South Africa’s first lady of song for a very good reason- she has dedicated her musical life to perfection in the world of classical operatic music and jazz! Ms Khumalo has performed with the legendary Jack de Johnette, sung in opera houses of Europe and you are as likely to hear her exploring the rich African choral traditions at home in SA. Despite her schedule, Sibongile Khumalo still manages to spend time as a mentor passing on what she has learnt to young artists. And thankfully for Luanda this year, we get some of her sweet inspiration too!

This completes the line-up of the artists previously announced which includes Dee Dee Bridgewater (USA); Rui Verloso (Portugal); Spyro Gyra (USA); Ismael Lo (Senegal); Emmanual Kanda (Angola); Moreira Project (Mozambique); Mayra Andrade (Carbo Verde); Simmons Massini (Angola); Liquid Deep (USA) and Black Coffee from South Africa.

Tickets prices are: 8000KZ for Friday and 11000KZ per day for both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available from Ritek Rent- a Car, Miami Beach Restaurant and the following BPC outlets:
Nelito Soares; Agência Central; Sagrada Família,; Samba,; Maianga, 10 De Dezembro, Ilha, Centro de Empresas Miramar,; São Paulo, Centro de Empresas, Rua Rei katyavala
For further information, please visit or call the hotline on 934 760 092



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