Answers to the Angolan travel quiz

Many thanks to those of you who tried my travel quiz a couple of weeks ago. Here are the answers, and it’s funny that they all have an Angolan connection!

In which capital city will you find Salvador Allende, Friedrich Engels, Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara?

a) Luanda

Which animals are thought to be able to smell landmines?

c) Elephants and rats

Until recently, which capital city only had one working escalator?

c) Luanda

What is Kimbundu?

b) A language

Where would you celebrate the Martyrs of Colonial Repression Day?

c) Angola

What is the modern name for Nova Lisboa?

a) Huambo (Angola)

Where did Kuduru (hard ass) music originate?

a) Angola

Where can you find the endangered Great Sable Antelope?

b) Angola

What does an upturned can or bottle on a stick signify in some countries?

B) Potential minefield

Where would you find Candongueiros, Kupapatas and Machimbombos?

C) On the streets of most Angola towns

What are catatos?

a) Caterpillars served fried with garlic and served with rice

The strange Welwitschia mirabilis plant is unique to which countries?

b) Angola and Nambia


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