Angolan Cultural Foundation in London

The Angolan Cultural Foundation in London (ACF) now has a website at

Lets Keep The Angolan Culture Alive in the Diaspora!”

 Good morning, Angolan Diaspora!  Life has taken us out of Angola, but it has not taken Angola out of us.
WHO ARE WE? We are the Angolan Cultural Foundation–an association created by people with Angolan roots.   We aim —through culture, unity and solidarity– to make the dreams of children and young people happen even though they are living in places far from Angola.


We provide a focal point to strengthen the Angolan community spirit. We seek support from companies, friendly people, governmental institutions and other organisations….


With projects that are aligned with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, not grand projects,  but small things and small gestures that make a difference.


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One Response to “Angolan Cultural Foundation in London”

  1. Chaves Says:

    Hi my name is Mr Chaves I am 20years of age I have Angolan Origins but no Angolan culteral knowledge.
    I would like to be involved in any up coming projects please send me a email at or call me at 07903980127 thank you

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