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UNITEL to launch BlackBerry service in Angola

March 18, 2012

UNITEL has announced it will begin the country’s first BlackBerry service – aimed initially at corporate customers. As yet there are no additional details on the UNITEL website


Few petrol stations in Angola

February 25, 2012

For a country that pumps around 1.7 million barrels of oil a day and is twice the size of Texas or 5 times the size of Britain you would expect that finding petrol would not be a problem. Sadly you would be wrong as the country only has 534 petrol stations. So when traveling out of town always make sure you fill up when you can. Source – O Pais.


New currency regulations come into force in Angola

February 7, 2012

The National Bank of Angola has announced new regulations about the import and export of foreign currency and Kwanzas which will come into effect on 27 February 2012.

In summary adult residents can take out of Angola the equivalent of USD15000 in foreign currency and non residents can take out USD10000.

The total ban on exporting Kwanzas has been lifted and residents and non residents can take out of Angola 50000 Kwanzas in addition to the dollars or foreign currency mentioned above.

On entering Angola, residents continue to need to declare amounts over USD15000 and non residents amounts over USD10000.


Standard Bank opens for business in Luanda

February 5, 2012

On 27 September 2010, Standard Bank Group opened its first branch in Luanda at Belas Business Park. The branch was opened to initially service the personal banking market. They have since expanded to also offer corporate and investment banking services.

Standard Bank de Angola is part of the financial fabric of the Angolan market with system links to other banks in the country and Angola’s Central Bank. As part of Standard Bank Group, Standard Bank de Angola provides its customers with a connection to the rest of Africa and other key financial markets of the world.

The branch network will grow with new branches opening this year.

Standard Bank de Angola

Condominio Belas Business Park
Edificio Luanda 7 and/Av. Talatona
S/N (ao lado do Belas Shopping)

Tel: 244 222 396355
Fax: 244 222 394641

Living in the world’s most expensive city

February 3, 2012

By Louise Redvers, BBC News, Luanda

When you think of the world’s most expensive cities, the dusty Angolan capital of Luanda seems an unlikely contender.

Potholed, chaotic and still scarred by decades of civil war, the city has little of the glitz and glamour of Tokyo, New York or Moscow, and an estimated half of Angolans live on less than $2 a day.

But despite the obvious poverty and sprawling slums, Luanda still manages to boast some eye-wateringly high prices.

A house can be $10,000 (£6,500) a month to rent, a basic meal out for two is easily $50, a hotel room can weigh in at $400 a night and a kilo of imported tomatoes a staggering $16.

A basic saloon car without a driver (which foreigners need to negotiate the difficult traffic and parking) will be $90 a day, but upgrade to a SUV (recommended due to the poor quality roads) and you’re looking at $200. More……………

Arik Air starts non stop flights from Lagos to Luanda, Angola

December 10, 2011

Arik Air is to begin scheduled flights from its hub in Lagos to the Angolan capital, Luanda, becoming the first and only Nigerian carrier to operate scheduled flights between the two cities. The first flight is to launch on 13th December (2011) and will operate twice weekly on a Tuesday and Saturday.
The outbound flight will depart Lagos Murtala Muhammed International every Tuesday at 07:00am (local time), arrive in Luanda at 10:10am (local time) with the inbound flight leaving Luanda at 11:50am and arriving back to Lagos at 2:55pm.
Every Saturday, the outbound flight departs Lagos at 02:00am and arrives in Luanda at 05:05am. The inbound flight leaves Luanda at 07:00am and arrives in Lagos at 10:05am. Passengers on Arik’s international routes from London (UK), Dakar (Senegal), Accra (Ghana) and Cotonou (Benin) can connect onwards to Luanda with convenient connections in both directions.
The Lagos – Luanda route will be served with a Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft. The 737-800 is a two class compartment and the configuration is 16 Business Class seats and 132 Economy Class. Business Class passengers can enjoy a 44” seat pitch, cradle style seat with 8.6” individual screens. Economy Class passengers will equally enjoy plenty of room on the 3h 10min flight with a seat pitch of 34”.
Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide, Group CEO/ President Arik Air, said of the new route; “We are pleased to announce the launch of operations to a new destination, our second sub-Saharan and ninth African point. Luanda is a strategically important capital for the oil & gas and extraction industry and this new route offers increased availability and capacity to the capital as well as introducing the first route between Lagos and Luanda.
“We are sure the partnership with TAAG is going to be a great success and of mutual benefit to both airlines. We can offer TAAG access to an extensive West African and Nigerian network and, similarly, it can offer our passengers the ability to utilize its domestic network and regional network incorporating 23 destinations in southern, eastern and West Af


Angolan visa application forms now available on line

September 30, 2011

SME, the Angolan Foreigners and Migration service has just launched an on-line portal at The site (part of which is in English) provides information about visa requirements and you can download visa application forms, though these are in Portuguese.

Luanda – airport maintenance affects some flights

September 23, 2011

From media and airline reports: Unscheduled runway maintenance at Luanda Airport through 28 Sept. 2011 is affecting flights on several airlines. In some cases, flights are being shifted to other aircraft, but in others, flights are being cancelled on selected days, or being diverted to other airports.

Affected airlines include South African Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways and AirFrance. Emirates airline has cancelled all flights through 28 September. Check with your carrier for specific details and arrangements

Consulado-Geral de Angola em Faro inaugurado

September 20, 2011

O Consuldado-Geral de Angola em Faro é inaugurado recentemente, numa cerimónia presidida pelo ministro angolano das Relações Exteriores, Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti. O consul-geral de Angola em Faro, Mateus de Sá Miranda Neto, apresentará as instalações, que vão acolher os sectores de migração, registo civil e notariado e gabinetes, entre outras dependências.

O novo Consulado-Geral da República de Angola em Faro funcionará na Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian, (Praceta Projectada à Rua de Moçambique), Lote Q, 1º Esquerdo, 8005-203, Faro.

KLM to fly into Luanda

September 9, 2011

Effective 14 November 2011, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will launch scheduled flights between Amsterdam and Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport in Luanda, Angola. The twice-weekly service will be offered to Luanda using Boeing 777-200 equipment. Together with
Air France, KLM will be offering a total of four weekly flights to Luanda.

With effect from 14 November 2011, flight KL581 will depart from Schiphol on Mondays at 13:20 and arrive in Luanda on the same day at 21:55. The return flight (KL582) will depart from Luanda at 23:55, arriving back in Amsterdam on the following day at 08:30.

Flight KL583 will depart from Schiphol on Fridays at 13:20 and arrive in Luanda on the same day at 21:55. The return flight will depart later that night at 01:15, arriving back at Schiphol the next day at 09:45

Angolan airline TAAG opens route to Havana

August 1, 2011

Angolan flag carrier TAAG opened a new route from Luanda to Havana, state news agency Angop reported. Cubana de Aviación is already flying the route. TAAG uses a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Angola and Cuba are long-standing partners. Hundreds of Angolans study in Cuba, and Cuban doctors and engineers are assisting Angolans in the African country. Meanwhile, state oil company Sonangol is supporting its Cuban peer, Cupet, in oil ventures in Angola

Iberia to launch a Madrid/Luanda service

May 27, 2011


Starting on September 30 Iberia will fly to Luanda, becoming the first airline to make non-stop flights between Spain and Angola. Spain’s first-ever air link to Luanda is expected to enhance trade relations between Spain and the expanding market of Angola.

Iberia has scheduled two weekly frequencies –Mondays and Fridays– between Madrid and Luanda, using Airbus A340/300s, and timed to ensure good connections to the more than 100 destinations the company offers in Europe and the Americas.

Iberia forecasts that it will carry an average of 3,000 passengers every month, of which nearly 70% will connect from different Spanish cities and other European countries.

France opens an Honorary Consulate in Lobito

May 5, 2011

Benguela – The city of Lobito, in the south-west province of Benguela has since Thursday a consular services of the French Embassy in Angola.

 The services of the French diplomacy in Benguela will be directed according to the French ambassador in Angola, Phillipp Garnier by Robert Bremaud. The diplomat said that the opening of the services in Lobito aims to meet with the reality of the number of joint ventures that are represented in the country. The companies like Sonamet, Angoflex, Ponticelli, services Getma and others from France are, according to the source, the ones that deserve monitoring by the French diplomacy.

The municipal administrator of Lobito, representing the governor of Benguela, Armando da Cruz Neto in the ceremony congratulated French authorities saying that this represents the socio-political dimension and trust that authorities of other countries have toward the region.

Source: ANGOP

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March 5, 2011

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New travel agent in Lubango

February 13, 2011

Marcar Viagens e Turismo is a travel agent in Lubango that I have found on the Internet. Their website looks promising.  I don’t know if they speak English.

Contacts: Marcar, Viagens e Turismo
Rua 10 de Dezembro

 Telefone: 00244 224 110


Angola: Eye-wateringly expensive

February 10, 2011

LUANDA – FILING expenses is one of Baobab’s least favourite things to do, never more so than after a trip to Angola. It is painful to explain to The Economist bosses that Luanda, the capital, really is that expensive. A by no means luxurious hotel room costs $400, a non-alcoholic drink in the lobby $10 ($2 in a supermarket). The underwhelming hotel buffet will set you back $75 and a pizza on a street corner $25. More………

Fancy an organised trip to Angola?

February 7, 2011

It was good to catch up with friends from Undiscovered Destinations at the Destinations travel show in London at the weekend. Check out details of their next tours to Angola:  Northern Explorer and  Namibia and Angola Expedition

Delta postpones the launch of its new Atlanta/Luanda route

January 26, 2011

The new airline flight schedule to fly from Atlanta to Luanda, Angola by Delta Air Lines Inc. has been canceled. The airline was to launch its first flight from Atlanta to Luanda on January 20 but cancelled it due to weak consumer demand.  

Delta gained government approvals for the route in 2010 after a two-year application process.

 Delta spokesman Kent Landers said “We retain the necessary government approvals to start the route at a future date.” He did not say when Delta would retry the launch.

The Atlanta-Luanda flight was to include a stop in Dakar, Senegal, which Delta currently serves from New York. The Atlanta-Dakar service will not begin independent of the Angola route, Landers said. Delta previously offered service from Atlanta to Dakar but moved it to New York in 2009.

Delta’s expansion into Africa has not always gone as planned. In 2009, planned flight launches to Nairobi, Kenya, and Monrovia, Liberia, were nixed by the US Transportation Security Administration, which cited insufficient security at the African airports.

Delta launched the Liberia flight in 2010 but has yet to begin Kenya service. The company offers service from New York to Cairo.


New hotel in Lobito – Hotel Belo Horizonte – updated with address

January 23, 2011

Updated 30 January with the address – see end of post

A classic example of Angolan journalism is the report in O Pais which extols the virtues of the new hotel Belo Horizonte. However it fails to say which town it is in and, as usual for Angolan press reports, it does not contain any contact details such as address, telephone, email or website etc. If anyone has these details, please let me know, thanks.

As far as I can establish, this new hotel is in Lobito and has the following: 64 rooms, restaurant, bar, pool, gym and parking. A fuller description in Portuguese is on the O Pais website.

Update- Many thanks to Derek M who has told me that the hotel is at  Rua 15 de Outobro at number 88
Telephone number reported to be 2-30-91
No website yet apparently

Changes to Angolan national holidays

January 22, 2011

The National Assembly has approved a new National Holidays law that reduces the number of national holidays but introduces national celebration days.

Fixed holidays are: January 1 (New Year), February 4 (Beginning of liberation struggle), March 8 (International women’s day), April 4 (Peace and national reconciliation day). May 1 (Worker’s day), September 17 (National Hero’s day), November 2 (All Souls’ Day), November 11 (Independence Day) and December 25 (Christmas).

Moveable holidays are Carnival and Good Friday.

Working national celebration days are: January 4, March 2 (Angolan Women Day), March 15 (National liberation struggle expansion day), April 14 (Angolan youth day), May 25 (Africa  day), June 1 (World child day) and December 10 (International human rights day)