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TALA! Visions of Angola exhibition in the UK (May to October)

April 27, 2012

TALA! – Visions of Angola 12 May – October 2012  TALA! (‘come and see’) – Visions of Angola, is a very special exhibition for 2012 made possible through the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.  It presents previously unseen artefacts, photographs and film footage drawn from the rich wealth of materials brought back from Angola in the 1930’s by Diana and Antoinette Powell-Cotton, the two pioneering daughters of Major Percy Powell-Cotton. The exhibition curators spent a year of working closely with the Angolan diaspora in the UK, including community groups and official institutions to create this multi-media display of carefully selected historical and contemporary objects as well as film footage that reflects and celebrates some very personal histories including that of the two sisters whose vision is only now being realised. The individual stories that motivate many of the selections have also been recorded and will be available via audio handsets alongside display cases, giving the objects a new voice, representing continuity, change and an evolving Angola.  Commenting on the exhibition, the curators said:  “The objects we had access to, were made by somebody’s great grandmother or great grandfather. They deserve to be seen and remembered by their rightful ancestors as well as the wider public. Just as importantly, the Angolan community here in the UK have a right to be involved in the decisions made about the collection. This is after all their history.” This unique and collaborative form of curation has innovatively mixed old and new to provide a fresh view of Angola and the collection.  For full details of opening hours and admission tickets please visit website or call the museum on 01843 842168.


Full coverage of the Angolan Foreign Minister’s visit to the UK

February 26, 2012

After decades of domestic conflict a formerly inward-looking Angola is opening up to Africa and the world. Angola is an emerging regional and continental power with increasing ambitions and presence in Africa. At the same time Angola is seeking to diversify its international relations in a multipolar world without neglecting traditional key relationships. The Minister speaks on Angola’s policy agenda for Africa, Angola’s traditional alliances, and the opportunities and tensions that its emergence in Africa may create with other international partners. The transcript is available from the Chatham House website.

For more information please contact the Chatham House  Members Events Team.


December 4, 2011

The Angolan Cultural Foundation in London presents on 10 December 2011:

*Music by DJ Johnny
*Traditional music by Corte Real and Paulo Carnoth
*Hip-pop by DCN
*Fashion Show by M. Helena Salvador
*Comedy from Comedia dos Domingos

*Angolan Gastronomy
*Launch of the ACF website
*Special guest historian and poet Dr. Ana Paula Tavares



VENUE: Crowndale community hall, 82A Godwin court, London, NW1 1NW
Nearest tube station Mornington Crescent
For bookings call: Carlos 07904065496, Dilma–07790465442, Xana 07723054524

Claudio Mendes, conselheiro angolano em Londres

July 5, 2011

Claudio Mendes é um conselheiro qualificado angolano com sede em Londres.  Algumas das áreas que o Claudio lida incluem adições, problemas com luto e perda, problemas de auto estima e raiva, ansiedade e dificuldades de relacionamentos, sexo e sexualidade.  Claudio é bilingue e
oferece sessões de aconselhamento em Inglês e Português.

Angola : Ingleses procuram oportunidades

August 30, 2010

Angola é o próximo alvo da Commonwealth. A organização britânica integra um conjunto de países, na sua maioria ex-colónias (excepto Moçambique e Ruanda), que interagem através de parcerias. A estabilidade política e social dos últimos anos despertou o interesse dos empresários da comunidade, que se mostram disponíveis para investir na diversificação económica e para aliviar a dependência do sector petrolífero. Mais………

Angolan visa assistance in the UK

July 23, 2010

I’ve just had GO2ANGOLA Ltd highly recommended to me as a reliable company that helps British visitors obtain a visa to visit or to work in Angola.

Their website describes the company as an “Angolan owned company in the United Kingdom incorporated in 2009 to offer a fast and efficient way for customers to obtain a travel visa to Angola in the United Kingdom as well as to provide assistance with transport and accommodation for businessman and women in Angola. We also offer translation from Portuguese to English and vice-versa both in the UK and Angola.

We have tailored our services to attract a variety of customers who want an easy and efficient way of applying for a visa to Angola, and emerged to provide companies and business travelers with a stress free travel solution to Angola”

Suite 404
324 Regent Street
Landline/Fax: + 44 (0) 208 2863 724
Igor Livramento
+44 (0) 7590117339     

Manuel Paulo
+44 (0) 7803 176 730    

Mauro Almeida:
+44 (0) 79 4606 8003    

Ambassador invites British businesspeople to invest in Angola

July 17, 2010

 Luanda – Angolan ambassador in the United Kingdom, Ana Maria Carreira, invited Thursday in London, British businesspeople to invite in various sectors of the economy, as part of the Government diversification strategy.

In a lunch-conference with “Conservative Africa Business Group”, a group of businesspeople from the ruling Conservative party, Ana Maria highlighted as priorities sectors such as agriculture, fishing, industry, civil construction, housing, energy and water, services, transports and telecommunications, among others.
According to the Angolan diplomat, as fruit of peace in the country, the Government invested significantly in the rehabilitation of infrastructures destroyed by the war, such as roads and bridges that enable movement of people and goods nationwide.

Then Ana Maria justified the government’s diversification of the economy, stressing that the world economic crisis demonstrated once again vulnerability of the country before its dependence on oil sector, whose revenue was affected drastically. “Thus, the country has a number of resources to be explored”, she said.

The contact served to establish commercial ties aimed at promoting and expanding business between both countries.

Source : Angop

Chatham House Conference on Angola

September 12, 2009

One of the UK’s leading think tanks “Chatham House” held a conference entitled  “Angola as a Global Player” in London in July. The conference drew attention to Angola’s growing importance in international relations. Details of the conference are now on the Chatham House website.