Updates : Hotels

The first part of this page provides general updates about hotels in Angola.  Hotel updates for Luanda follow then I list hotel updates for each of the provinces.

As I no longer live in Angola, I rely on press reports and other websites for my information. Unfortunately, the Angolan press has a habit of publishing details of  new hotels with a flourish but fail to provide any contact information eg address or telephone number – that’s why details of many of the new hotels are sketchy.


Sistec, a well known Angolan company is opening a chain of hotels in Angola. SisHotels are already open in Cabinda, Huambo and Benguela. Other hotels are under construction in Sumbe, Lubango and Kuito and there are plans to build in Lobito, Namibe, Gabela and Luanda. Details are on their website which is in Portuguese only. Posted May 2011

The Virtual Tourist website has published this list of Ritz Hotels in Angola:

Ritz Hotels Head Office

Phone: +(244) 222 338 480              +(244) 222 338 480       / 370 936
Address: Organizações Ritz – Hotelaria e Turismo Lda.; Rua Serqueira Lucoqui, Nº 98 – Luanda – Republica de Angola
Website: www.organizacoes-ritz.com
Other Contact: Email: ritz.do@gmail.com

* Hotel Roma Ritz – Huambo (Huambo Province)
> 54 Rooms.
Tel. +(244) 241 223 816/7/8
Fax. +(244) 241 223 820
Email: ritz.huambo@gmail.com

* Hotel Ritz Sumbe – Sumbe (Kwanza Sul Province)
> 28 Rooms.
Tel. +(244) 236 230 761              +(244) 236 230 761
Fax. +(244) 236 230 770
Email: ritz.sumbe@gmail.com

* Hotel Ritz Calulo – Calulo (Kwanza Sul Province)
> 19 Rooms.
Tel. +(244) 917 682 237              +(244) 917 682 237
Email: ritz.calulo@gmail.com

* Hotel Ritz Muxima – Muxima (Bengo Province)
> 80 Rooms.
Tel. +(244) 222 338 480              +(244) 222 338 480       / +(244) 222 370 936              +(244) 222 370 936
Fax.+(244) 222 338 480
Email: ritz.muxima@gmail.com

*Hotel Ritz Cabuta – Calulo (Kwanza Sul Province)
> 54 Rooms.
Tel. Telf. +(244) 917 910 000              +(244) 917 910 000
Email: ritz.cabuta@gmail.com

* Hotel Ritz Wako – Wako-Kungo (Kwanza Sul Province).
> 21 Rooms.
Tel. +(244) 236 250 026              +(244) 236 250 026       / 028
Fax.+(244) 236 250 027
Email: ritz.wako@gmail.com

* Luanda – Residencial Capital (Luanda Province).
> 22 Rooms.
Tel.+(244) 914 361 159              +(244) 914 361 159
Fax.+(244) 929 714 652
Email: capital.ritz@gmail.com

Future Hotels / under construction:
* Hotel Samba – Luanda (136 Rooms) – (Luanda Province).
* Hotel Ritz Lubango (100 Rooms) – (Huíla Province).
* Hotel Ritz Uíge (60 Rooms) – (Uíge Province).
* Ritz Lodge Tocota (20 bungalows) – (Kwanza Sul Province)

Posted May 2010

Check out this site for listings of hotels and restaurants in Angola (posted April 2010)

A new portal for booking hotels in Angola is now on-line (Feb 2010). It’s a good start but far from perfect and needs a lot more work on it before it will be genuinely useful. For instance the listings for Luanda are very incomplete and the entry for the President hotel suggests it is still part of the Meridien chain (which it is not). The home page names two hotels in Benguela province yet they do not appear under the Benguela tab. And finally, most of the tabs for the provinces have no hotels listed.


Here’s details of a guest house in Maianga, Luanda (nb, I’ve taken this direct from the Internet and have not checked it). Posted August 2011

The 4 star  Hotel Baía has just opened in Luanda. It’s owned by Teixeira Duarte, who also own and run the Alvalade and Tropico Hotels in Luanda. Their website is in English and Portuguese and offers on-line booking. The hotel is between the British Embassy and the Neto Mausoleum. Posted July 2011

The Hotel President has a new website http://hotelpresidenteluanda.com/ Posted April 2011

I’ve just come across details of the Rouxinol guest house in Luanda. Details taken from their website are:

Located in the prominent suburb of Cruzeiro, close to the embassies in Miramar and the business center of town, we are strategically placed for the business-minded and diplomatic traveler. We are also a short distance away from Luanda International Airport. We have Single, Double and Twin Rooms En-Suite, Studio with Kitchenette En-Suite, and Economy Rooms. All rooms include breakfast, air-conditioning, wired and/or wireless internet connection (two internet service providers and 4 wireless networks for maximum connectivity), 97 cable TV channels and 40 music/radio channels, bar fridge, digital safe, hair dryer, alarm clock, scale, and more. All rooms receive natural light. All bathrooms have a filtered water supply using a sophisticated system and there are 2 diesel generators for emergency electricity. 24-hour security guards protect the property at all times. Extra services include Conference Room for up to 18 people, Business  Center, Rent-A-Car, Guide/Translator, Airport Transfer, Taxi, Laundry, etc.
E-mail:    reservations@hotelrouxinol.com

Address:  Beco de Moçambique nº 16, Bairro Cruzeiro, Luanda.

Note: All payments are in cash and the first night’s deposit is to guarantee reservation and is non-refundable in the case of ‘no show’.  Posted February 2011

The Skyna Hotel is a new 4-star hotel located in the historic heart of the city of Luanda. It has the following equipment and services:

24 hours reception service
Restaurant providing buffet meals
3 bars (smoking bar, bar next to the conference room, serving snacks bar)
Meeting rooms with multiple usefulness and capacities
24 hours Room-service
Internet WI-FI access throughout the hotel
Internet available in every room
220 double rooms
11 suites with 100 square meters each and in Penthouse
4 one-bedroom apartments and 2 double-bedroom apartments
Travel Agency for local services
Beauty Center
Tobacco shop
Currency exchange
Underground parking
Rent-a-car and others.The rooms are equipped with electronic lock, private bathroom, hairdryer, air conditioning, safe-deposit box, telephone, television and mini bar

Full details in English and Portuguese are available from their website http://www.skynahotel.com Posted October 2010

The Calor Tropical hotel has opened in the Corimba (Samba) suburb of Luanda. It has 51 rooms, conference centre, pool, and access to the  beach.  As with most Angolan press reports, contact details were not given. Posted September 2010.

Hotel Sunsil

The new 3 star hotel Sunsil opened in Luanda earlier this month. It has 51 rooms, pool, gym, parking and conference facilities. It’s in Samba ward of Benfica. Contact details are not known. The complex is divided into 5 x 4-storey blocks. Four rooms are said to be accessible to disabled visitors. Posted August 2010

Hotel Wassa: “Wassa está Localizado a cem metros do mercado do Artesanato, no Benfica, na famosa rua Dona Xepa, Município da Samba. O Wassa Hotel é a mais recente unidade hoteleira inaugurada naquela no município da Samba que no último ano viu nascer outras unidades, transformandose num dos municípios com mais oferta de camas em toda a província de Luanda.

O hotel foi construído de raiz numa área de dois mil metros quadrados. A estrutura possui vinte e quatro quartos, vinte normais e quatro de luxo, um restaurante que aposta na culinária angolana, bar, esplanada frente a uma piscina (com cinquenta metros de largura e dois metros de profundidade) e um jango.

O Hotel tem ainda um escritório reservado a empresários, uma lavandaria que passará a prestar serviço para foral e um parque de estacionamento subterrâneo.

Segundo Bernardino Paim, gestor do complexo hoteleiro, a administração tem em carteira a ampliação da estrutura para melhor servir os clientes. “Pretendemos intensificar os nossos serviços uma vez que temos grandes dificuldades no que toca ao atendimento no nosso  país”, afirma.

“Entramos em locais em que o cliente leva mais de meia hora a ser atendido, o que mancha a qualidade, por isso, aqui,  velamos pela qualidade máxima dos nossos serviços”, acrescentou o responsável.

O “Hotel Wassa” garante trinta postos de trabalho de uma equipa treinada para servir com qualidade.

Posted August 2010

A new hotel called the 3J has opened in Talatona, Luanda. Press reports do not give contact details, but it has 20 rooms, restuarant, bar and meetings rooms, parking  and pool. Posted August 2010

Luanda gets another five-star hotel. Fom Angop 5 July .  Luanda  – A five-star hotel named Victoria Garden was inaugurated last Saturday in Camama, Kilamba Kiaxi District, in Luanda, by the Angolan minister of Hotels and Tourism, Pedro Mutindi.

According to the consultant of the RITZ tourist firm, Carlos Amburinho, the infrastructure was built in an area measuring 17, 000 square metres and is estimated at 22 million US dollars.

He said that the enterprise which was carried out by a Chinese construction company lasted eight months and has 102 rooms including two presidential suites.

On the occasion, the minister of Hotels and Tourism, Pedro Mutindi, said the venture is a great achievement for national business, adding that the emergence of several hotel units in the country can contribute to decrease prices in sector, as well as to grant leisure time for Angolans. Posted July 2010

Hotels near the Talatona conference centre in Luanda Sul. The organisers of a recent conference at the Talatona Conference centre in Luanda Sul posted details of local hotels for participants on their website . Please follow these two links. Page 1 and Page 2 to see details of the hotels.

NB all these hotels are some distance outisde Luanda city centre and the prices quoted show the conference discounted rates.  Also, I have not visited any of these hotels so cannot vouch for them. Posted May 2010

Luanda – A new  three-star hotel, the Vila Alice  was inaugurated on Friday 16 April. Located at Aníbal de Melo street in Vila Alice, the hotel has 126 rooms, restaurants, business centre, meeting room, boutique and gymnasium. The hotel was built to accomodate government deputies  – especially those from the  provinces  when they travel to Luanda (we should try this in England)! According to the hotel manager , it will also be open to the public. Contact details are not yet known. Posted April 2010

The Sunsil hotel is due to open in Benfica district of Luanda in a about a month. For full details (in Portuguese only) check this newspaper report). For those who do not speak Portuguese, here’s a summary of the hotel (NB no contact details were given). 51 rooms, restaurant, internet, pool and gym, parking, car hire, airport transfers and meeting rooms. Posted April 2010

Hotel de Convenções de Talatona now has a website with full contact details http://www.hoteltalatona.com/ . Read this newspaper article (in Portuguese) for more details of the hotel. Posted 30  December 2009

Luanda’s first five star hotel has been officially opened by the President. The Talatona hotel is situated near to the Talatona convention centre in Luanda Sul. Newspaper reports say that the hotel has 201 rooms, internet, a/c, 3 restaurants, meeting rooms, swimming pool, tennis court, gym and beauty salon. Prices and contact details were not given. Posted 19 December 2009

All rooms at the Soleme guest house in Luanda now have private bathrooms.  Rua Kwamme N’krumah N°1 – Luanda – Angola Tel/Fax: (+244) 222 335 941 Tel : (+244) 222 330 352 / (+244) 222 372 874 Móvel: (+244) 912 509 435 / (+244) 923 568 433 Email: soleme@netangola.com / contact@soleme.com Web : http://www.soleme.com. Posted December 2009

The specialised hotel press is reporting that the Hotel Praia Mar has opened on the Ilha in Luanda. It’s 4 stars and has a bar and restaurant. Av. Murtala Mohamed, 50 Ilha de Luanda. Mobile .(+244) 924 381 353 / (+244) 914 542 764. hotelpraiamar@lunahoteis.com; www.lunahoteis.com; US$380 per day for a single room. Information and reservations T. (+351 Portugal) 289 588 501 / rsv@lunahoteis.com

The One Hotel and Convention will open in December 2009 at Avenida do Golfe, Talatona, Luanda Sul. 500m from the Talatona Conference Centre and 800m from Belas Shopping. Contact: Álvaro Grau – Manager, The One Hotel & Convention: aegrau@progroup.co.ao. This apart hotel will have 100 duplex and triplex apartments. A/c, tv, microwave, pool, fitness centre, shop, restaurant, laundry, parking, car hire, and airport transfers. (Posted September 09)

Farah’s guest house near Miramar and another unamed guest house in Vila Alice suburb (both in Luanda) are listed on this website. Posted September 2009


Complexo Turístico Paradíseos: Here are updated contact details for this complex which is 59 km north of Luanda at the Barra do Dande estuary in Bengo province. The original article in Portuguese also has a few nice photos.

Tels:+244 912 436 457                +244 923 716 791

Posted May 2011

The website of the Luanda British Women (http://lbwangola.com) has details of  Mubanga Lodge near Catete. It has 16 cabins, biking, boating and restaurant.  Contacts (according to the lodge’s Facebook site) are telephone +244 936 117 982 or 933 207 093.  Estrada do Kinfangondo – Cabire – Bairro Km 56, Bengo.  mubangalodge@gmail.com. posted January 2011

The Katondo hotel has opened in Muxima, Bengo Province. Full story in this Portuguese language news story. It has 42 rooms and a restaurant. Daily rates are between 3000 and 6000 Kwanzas. The hotel is not yet fully complete but is open nonetheless. An alternative hotel is the Complexo Hoteleiro da Muxima. Posted November 2009


The Terminus Hotel in Lobito now has a website  http://www.hotelterminuslobito.com/ posted May 2011

Benguela – A hotel project called “MarcDani” opened last weekend in the area, near the city of Benguela, the local administrator, Chicunga Twine. The unit hotel has 13 rooms with private bathroom, satellite TV, mini-bar, restaurant, parking, transportation services for guests, “rent-a-car, laundry and convenience store.

The project cost USD 818 000 and its construction lasted two years.The administrator Chicumba Twine said that the hotel will provide 12 jobs and help reduce unemployment.

Source:  Translated by Google: posted February 2011

Hotel Belo Horizonte in Lobito: A classic example of Angolan journalism is the report in O Pais which extols the virtues of the new hotel Belo Horizonte. However it fails to say which town it is in and, as usual for Angolan press reports, it does not contain any contact details such as address, telephone, email or website etc. If anyone has these details, please let me know, thanks. Update:  Many thanks to Derek M who has told me that the hotel is at  Rua 15 de Outobro at number 88
Telephone number reported to be 2-30-91
No website yet apparently

This new hotel is in Lobito and has the following: 64 rooms, restaurant, bar, pool, gym and parking. A fuller description in Portuguese is on the O Pais website. Posted Jan 2011

A new 24 room Hotel, the  L’Imob hás opened in Benguela. The exact address was not reported in the news report but it is located near to the Avenida dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra, between the Nossa Senhora da Pópulo church and the Criminal Investigation Office. The three story hotel has 24 rooms spread over 3 floors, a bar, and restaurant. Posted November 2010

The beachside hotel “Complexo TGV” has opened in Lobito at Rua Avenida Brasil, n.º 126, Compão, Lobito, Benguela
Telf.: 272 226 654; Fax: 272 226 656
Bungalows: 19000 kz  to 28500 kz
Average meal price: 5000 kz

Posted April 2010

The Angolan press agency has reported the opening of  a new aparthotel in Benguela. No contact details were given, but in summary, the Mil Cidades  aparthotel has 68 appartments of 1,2 or 3 rooms, parking. swimming pool, internet, restaurant, satellite TV, conference centre and gym. Posted January 2010. See update immediately below.

Benguela — A four-star Apartment Hotel named “Mil Cidades“, with 68 flats distributed in six floors, was inaugurated last weekend, in Benguela City, an initiative of the private company Imexco.Located in Aires de Almeida Santos avenue, urban and tourist centre of Benguela, the new hotel unit has apartments of the type T1, T2 and T3.This is the first Aparthotel in Benguela City and has already created 90 jobs. The infrastructure has swimming pools for adults and children, conferences hall, gymnasium, restaurants and various hotel services. Updated October 2010.

The city authorities in Lobito have authorised the construction of a campsite on the Restinga sand spit to accommodate visitors to the CAN 2010 football championship. Posted December 2009

There are reports that the new 3 star Tropicana hotel has opened in the province. Actual location and contact details not known. The press say that it has 33 rooms. Posted September 2009


Thanks to Adam Battilana for this recommendation. Pensao Omulola in Ondjiva is a family run guesthouse with 16 en-suite rooms opening onto a leafy courtyard. It has an excellent air-conditioned restaurant, and a bar with snooker table.

For info or reservations contact Tony (English and Portuguese spoken) on: +244 923521312 or +244 923518927
a-melgac@gmail.com. Posted June 2010

This Angolan TV clip (in Portuguese only) comments on the shortage of hotel rooms in Cunene Province. Even if you don’t speak Portuguese, you’ll get a quick glance at the Hotel Okapale and the new Águia Verde hotel. (Posted October 2009)


The Angolan press is reporting (in Portuguese) the opening of a new hotel in Huambo. Summary translation: A New 40 bed hotel has opened in the Fátima “largo-Cussi district of Huambo. The hotel is called the “Jorge Alberto”. Facilities include a meeting room, two restaurants, snack bar, rent a car and shop. No contact details were in the press article.


 Here are the contact details of the new Hotel Serra da Chela (160 rooms) in the Nossa Senhora do Monte complex, Lubango

Tel:261 245 176; Fax:261 245 177;

Email: bookings@serradachelalubango.com

A new hotel to the south of the city, built for the Cup of Nations football championship. Pool, airport transfers; car hire, internet. Webiste is in English. $$$. Posted August 2011

The Angolan press is reporting the opening of a new hotel near Humpata, 12km from Lubango in Huila province. As is usual, contact details of the hotel are not given. Summary details are:

“Top Chela Lodge”, in the Palanca area of Humpata (Huíla) was recently opened. It has 40 rooms, pool, conference rooms, broadband, restaurant and shop. Room rates vary from 5000 to 14000 Kwanzas.

Source (In Portuguese) http://angolain.blogspot.com/2010/11/turismo.html. Posted November 2010

The Angolan press is reporting the opening of a new hotel in Lubango.  The Novo Hotel opened this week in the centre of Lubango on Avenida Hoje Ya Henda . It’s three star and has 72 roms, restaurant, bar, meeting rooms, gym and health centre. No contact details were given. Posted April 2010

Six new hotels will open in the city of Lubango in December 2009. They are : Serra da Chela, Primor, Lubango, Chick-Chick, Império and Novo Hotel. The press report (in Portuguese) gave no contact or other details. Posted November 2009


The Hotel Miradouro opened in Ndalatando in 2009


Many thanks to Janie who tells me that the Rio Longa Lodge south of Luanda has just reopened. It’s now under the management of Angolan Adventure Safaris (the people who run the Kwanza, Flamingo and Foz lodges). Bookings can be made via their website or through Manny at Kwanza Lodge 936 47 40 98. The Cost is $250 per person which includes all meals and soft drinks and beer. Children 6-12yrs half price. Under 6 free.  Everything appears as before but there is probably more emphasis on fishing now.  Canoes can be borrowed and there are organised boat trips up the river. At the moment there are lots of turtle eggs about to hatch on the beach. Don’t forget that this is a basic and rustic lodge and that standards of comfort and catering etc would not suit everybody. Nonetheless it is a spectacular place and an ideal location to escape the stresses of Luanda. Posted March 2011.

The Angolan press is reporting a new hotel in Sumbe, Kwanza Sul province. As is usual, no contact details are given in the press report. Summary details: The Kalunda hotel has 3 stars, 43 rooms, conference rooms, cinema, disco, five restaurants and a pool. Prices are between USD 150 and USD 390. Posted November 2010

See this review in Portuguese of the Ritz Hotel in Waku Kungo. (Posted May 2010

Lunda Sul Province

The Angolan press has reported the opening of a new hotel in Saurimo. See entry immediately below this for the full report in Portuguese. Typically for the Angolan press, the report does not give the name of the hotel, address or other contact details.  However, it’s possible to glean the following from the article: 53 rooms, internet via satellite, gym, hairdresser, and restaurant. Prices for room range from USD120-200 and suites are USD350. The star rating has not yet been decided. Posted May 2010


The  Hotel Quimbo has opened in the centre of the town of Luau in Moxico province. It has 31 rooms and a restaurant. A second phase is under construction and will include a conference centre, games room and pool. The rooms cost between  75 and 250 dollars. Contact details not known. Posted September 2010


O Pais is reporting (in Portuguese) a new hotel in Namibe Province.  The Hotel Namibe belongs to the Chik Chik chain owned by Grupo Chicoil. It has 70 rooms and is located close to the Praia das Miragems. It has a pool, cyber space, bar , restaurant, conference room and parking. No contact details or prices etc were quoted. Posted January 2011
About ten kilometers from the main entrance of the Iona National Park are two new tourist facilities: “Pedra sobre Pedra” and “Orca”. Pedra sobre Pedra  is owned by a local businessmen linked to tourism and construction, Alvaro Baptista. It consists of three rustic bungalows each containing four beds and two toilets. It has a restaurant, a kitchen and pantry built into a cave.”Orca” has several rooms fashioned from red stones. No further information available
Aproximadamente a dez quilómetros da entrada principal do Parque Nacional do Yona existem dois operadores turísticos como a “Pedra sobre Pedra ” e a “ORCA”.
 O acampamento turístico designado “Pedra sobre Pedra” é propriedade de um dos empresários locais ligado à área do turismo e construção civil, Álvaro Baptista. Neste alojamento existem três bungalois feitos de material artesanal contendo cada um deles quatro camas com dois WC . Possui um restaurante, uma cozinha , dispensa construída numa gruta e outros compartimentos. Funciona sob autorização da Direcção Provincial do Comércio Hotelaria e Turismo, albergando mensalmente mais de vinte turistas desde angolanos, namibianos e sul-africanos .
A “ORCA”, apesar do seu objecto social estar consignado a agências de viagem e turismo, também exerce actividade hoteleira. O mesmo conta com vários compartimentos feitos de pedras vermelhas localizadas no referido parque.
 Zaire Province

The 3 star Nempanzu hotel has just opened, situated in the heart of the city of Soyo next to the Zaire river and only 5 minutes by car from the airport.

According to its website (which is in English), it has the following facilities:

  • 3 Floors served by lifts
  • Air conditioning in all rooms and lounges
  • Parking
  • TV/satellite
  • 102 rooms, including 10 standard suites and 2 presidential suites
  • 2 Restaurants
  • 2 Bars
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Free Internet acess in the rooms
  • Shuttle Service on request (Airport/Kwanda Base)
  • Non smoking rooms
  • Business Center 24 hours
  • Room service 24 hours
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym

* Banquets and conferences rooms

* We have an amphitheater with capacity up to 250 people and natural light, plus 3 meeting rooms with capacity up to 60 people with natural light in two of them. Posted December 2010


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