Mainly for residents of Angola

Information that will be mainly of interest to foreign residents of Angola

Check the Calendar of Events (included in the list of links on right hand side of this page) for details of events happening in and around Luanda.

Check out the O Pais magazine website for details of current films being shown in Luanda. Click on the “cinema” tab.

International community organisations in Luanda

The Luanda British Women (LBW)    have put together a list of international community organisations in Luanda. There is also a website in French for expat females.

Posted September 2010

Internet shopping in Angola Enviodelivery is a  British / Angolan company in London which sources goods in the UK and Europe and ships them direct to customers in Angola. They will also deal with Angolan customs. I have not used the company so cannot say how effective they are.  If you have used them why not post a comment here and let others know about their service.  NB their website is also in Portuguese. Posted August 2010.

LBW – Luanda British Women

Luanda British Women (LBW) is an organisation that exists in Luanda primarily to promote friendship among British women, and women with particular British interests (such as Commonwealth citizens and those with British spouses). It does this through social, cultural and other activities, and also enables members to widen their knowledge and interest in Luanda  through the dissemination of useful local information, participation in charitable works and maintenance of good relations with other women’s organisations.  LBW organises a variety of social events such as lunches, cocktail parties, St Andrew’s nights, quiz nights etc in a variety of venues including  private homes, the Residence of the British Ambassador and different Luandan restaurants.  The LBW is run by a Committee – currently 12 strong, but we are always grateful for any additional offers of support and help.  Please do contact us on for further information about the organisation and details of forthcoming events. Posted June 2010

A new internet service is to be launched by Net One. Posted May 2010

According to Xpatulator, Luanda is currently ranked 18 overall, most expensive place in the world for expatriates to live, out of 276 international locations. More………… Posted February 2010

Luanda remains the most expensive city in the world for expats. (Bloomberg) — The following table shows a summary of the top 50 most expensive cities worldwide taken from ECA International’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey conducted in September 2009. The survey, conducted twice yearly, compares living costs of a basket of day-to-day goods and services commonly purchased by expatriates in over 390 locations worldwide. Continues………. Posted December 2009

O primeiro serviço de televisão por assinatura via satélite operado por uma empresa angolana foi lançado no fim-de-semana em Luanda pela empresa de telecomunicações Infrasat. O serviço denomina-se de UAU TV e é composto por 12 canais, todos eles em língua portuguesa e criteriosamente seleccionados para atender as exigências de um público heterogéneo. Mais…………. Posted December 2009

The National Bank of Angola has increased the ATM cash withdrawal limit from AKZ 18.000 to AKZ 36.000 a day. Posted November 2009

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