Updates : Safety and security

Check out the UK Foreign Office travel advice page or the US goverment OSAC page before you travel to Angola.

Pages 63-65 of the guide provide information about keeping safe in Angola and includes details of no-go areas.

Listed below are general entries about safety security in Angola………………….

The biggest risk to foreigners visiting Angola is the risk of being cuaght up in a road traffic accident. Here are the awful stats for 2009.  At least 2,867 people were killed in the country, in 2009, victims of road accidents, according to statistics released by the Traffic Department, made available to ANGOP.The province of Luanda with 589, and Benguela 390, had the most reported cases of accidents. Huambo reported 312 cases, Kwanza Sul 219, Huíla 199, 171 Bié, Bengo 160, Kwanza Norte 149, Uige 144 cases. According to the communiqué, Kuando Kubango registered 84, Lunda Norte 80 and Lunda Sul 54, Cabinda 52, Namibe 51 and Zaire 47, Cunene 46 and Moxico 30. Statistics show the record of 12,727 injuries in the same period. Posted January 2010

The Togo national football squad was attacked by terrorrists shortly after it crossed into Cabinda from the Republic of Congo on 8 January 2010. FLEC has claimed responsibility and threatened further action. All visitors to Angola should take extra care and heed the advice of their embassy and the Angolan authorities. Posted 9 January 2010.

The Chinese embassy in Angola has advised its nationals not to go out alone at night after a spate of violent attacks on Chinese expatriates.Read the BBC report here…………… (Posted Nov 09)

Crocodile alert: Following  the death of an 18 year old man on 19 October, the municipal authorities in Massangano, Kwanza Norte province  are alerting the public to the presence of a large number of crocodiles along the banks of the Lucala river. The full story was reported in the Angolan press (in Portuguese only).

The municipal authorities of Ingombota district in central Luanda have advised motorists not to leave anything of value on view in their cars. Theft from parked cars is a problem in this area. Read the full news article (in Portuguese) here.

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