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Angolan Cultural Foundation in London

December 24, 2011

The Angolan Cultural Foundation in London (ACF) now has a website at

Lets Keep The Angolan Culture Alive in the Diaspora!”

 Good morning, Angolan Diaspora!  Life has taken us out of Angola, but it has not taken Angola out of us.
WHO ARE WE? We are the Angolan Cultural Foundation–an association created by people with Angolan roots.   We aim —through culture, unity and solidarity– to make the dreams of children and young people happen even though they are living in places far from Angola.


We provide a focal point to strengthen the Angolan community spirit. We seek support from companies, friendly people, governmental institutions and other organisations….


With projects that are aligned with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, not grand projects,  but small things and small gestures that make a difference.


Wildlife, wild places and wild times in Angola 1970 to 2011

December 11, 2011

The Angola Field Group invites you to a presentation Thursday, December 15, at 8:00 PM at the Viking Club with renowned conservation scientist Dr. Brian Huntley, one of the fathers of Angolan ecology. He will present an illustrated talk on the rise, fall, and hopefully, resurrection of wildlife conservation in Angola. More…….


December 4, 2011

The Angolan Cultural Foundation in London presents on 10 December 2011:

*Music by DJ Johnny
*Traditional music by Corte Real and Paulo Carnoth
*Hip-pop by DCN
*Fashion Show by M. Helena Salvador
*Comedy from Comedia dos Domingos

*Angolan Gastronomy
*Launch of the ACF website
*Special guest historian and poet Dr. Ana Paula Tavares



VENUE: Crowndale community hall, 82A Godwin court, London, NW1 1NW
Nearest tube station Mornington Crescent
For bookings call: Carlos 07904065496, Dilma–07790465442, Xana 07723054524

Answers to the Angolan travel quiz

December 2, 2011

Many thanks to those of you who tried my travel quiz a couple of weeks ago. Here are the answers, and it’s funny that they all have an Angolan connection!

In which capital city will you find Salvador Allende, Friedrich Engels, Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara?

a) Luanda

Which animals are thought to be able to smell landmines?

c) Elephants and rats

Until recently, which capital city only had one working escalator?

c) Luanda

What is Kimbundu?

b) A language

Where would you celebrate the Martyrs of Colonial Repression Day?

c) Angola

What is the modern name for Nova Lisboa?

a) Huambo (Angola)

Where did Kuduru (hard ass) music originate?

a) Angola

Where can you find the endangered Great Sable Antelope?

b) Angola

What does an upturned can or bottle on a stick signify in some countries?

B) Potential minefield

Where would you find Candongueiros, Kupapatas and Machimbombos?

C) On the streets of most Angola towns

What are catatos?

a) Caterpillars served fried with garlic and served with rice

The strange Welwitschia mirabilis plant is unique to which countries?

b) Angola and Nambia

Festival Internacional de Cinema – Luanda

November 19, 2011

O Ministério da Cultura, através do IACAM, vai realizar na semana de 18 a 24 de Novembro de 2011, a IVª edição do Festival Internacional de Cinema – FIC Luanda, com o objectivo de promoção do Cinema Angolano e Internacional e para troca de experiências com cineastas estrangeiros.


Trip to Kwanza Sul

November 10, 2011

Eco Tur will be adding another vehicle to their 3 day trip to Kwanza Sul taking advantage of the bank holiday
this weekend (11/12/13 Nov).  They still have places available. Brochure available at

Contact – +244 923 601 601 /

Luanda,Thursday, 10 November 2011: Presentation: An Evening with Paul Theroux

November 6, 2011

Paul Theroux is travelling to Luanda! The Angola Field Group invites you to An Evening with Paul Theroux the well known American novelist and travel writer, Thursday 10 November at 8:00 PM. The author of over a dozen novels, six travel books and countless travel articles, Theroux is presently driving through Angola and will talk about his writing, traveling and his impressions of this country. Maybe Angola will be the topic of his next book?! Join us this Thursday for an outstanding opportunity to meet this author, one of the foremost travel writers in the world today.

Festa dos Luandos, September 9-11, 2011

September 3, 2011

The Angola Field Group has been invited once again to participate in the Festa dos Luandos, September 9, 10, and 11. This is a great opportunity to experience firsthand what life is like in an African village. Situated about 5 hours southeast of Luanda,  just outside the borders of Quicama National Park, participants can choose to camp in the woods near the village or stay in a traditional hut with a family. Some of the events you will be part of include thrashing the bean harvest, collecting and tasting freshly tapped palm wine, and participating in the dances of Luandos. There will be a chance for birdwatching also. A fee of $150 usd covers accommodation and meals which will be prepared by the cooperative of local women.

This is not an Angola Field Group trip. To sign up or for more information call Serafim at 917- 823 464, or email:

Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, September 7th. Departure will be September 9, Friday morning, meeting at the town of Catete at 7:00 AM. Check with Serafim for details. Departure from Luandos to return back to Luanda will be Sunday morning about 8:00 AM.

Projecto Angola – Museu Powell-Cotton no Reino Unido – ‘Open Day’ no Museu. Data: Sábado 17 de Setembro de 2011

August 28, 2011

Em 2012, o museu Powell-Cotton irá inaugurar uma exposição de cultura e história de Angola em Kent. Posterirmente, a mesma irá
ser exposta em vários cidades do Reino Unido. Esta exposição é baseada em material recolhido em Angola, por duas mulheres fascinantes, Diana e Antoinette Powell-Cotton. Ambas viajaram para Angola entre os anos 1936 e 1937. Durante a sua estadia neste país africano, recolheram mais de 3000 fotografias, produziram cerca de 4 horas de filme e recolheram  mais de 3000 objectos. Esta recolha constitui
actualmente a maior colecção de peças de artesanato angolano no Reino Unido.

Sendo que estes objectos antigos, fotografias e imagens em formato filme são um testemunho importante da cultura africana, é nosso
objectivo dar a conhecer  a história de Angola actual,  ao público Britânico, para que este tenha uma ideia não só do que é a Angola de hoje, mas
também o que significa fazer parte integrante da Diáspora no R.U. e deste modo, trazer para o debate público a reflexão sobre o que se passou durante os 80 anos, a que nos reporta o material recolhido  e agora exposto.

Para que tudo isto seja possivel, gostariamos de apelar ao envolvimento  de toda a comunidade Angolana no Reino Unido e convidar a
visitarem-nos no Museu. A viagem ao museu é totalmente GRÁTIS – transporte, comida e entrada para o museu totalmente providenciado pela organização. É uma excelente oportunidade para  ver in loco o museu, tendo acesso único e exclusivo a uma quantidade significativa do já
referido material normalmente vedado ao público. Entretanto, se desejar, poderá aproveitar para usufruir da praia  ‘Margate’, situada junto do museu.

Saiba mais sobre este projecto seguindo o ‘link’ a seguir, parte de uma reportagem recente do canal de televisão Inglês ITV.

Pode encontrar todos os detalhes no convite em Português em anexo.

Para marcar o seu lugar garantindo o transporte e refeição por favor contactar: Português – Carlos +44 7904065496

Inglês  –

The Development of Luanda’s Marginal

August 21, 2011

What’s happening to ‘The Marginal’?  The downtown main street that runs along the bay has always been the favourite destination for families on a Sunday stroll or joggers exercising while watching the sun set. Now piles of dredged sand and wire fences have taken over Luanda’s favourite promenade.

The Angola Field Group invites you to a presentation on The Development of Luanda’s Bay, at the Viking Club on August 25 at 8:00 PM with Kwame Gomes, a Project Manager with Baía de Luanda Project, “Projecto de Requalificação e Reordenamento Urbano da Zona Marginal”.

He will talk about the evolution of the project, the dredging, the sewage system, and the new squares and green spaces which will be developed. Kwame, who received his MSc. in Management at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2007, will answer all your questions about the future of the Marginal and Luanda’s waterfront.

Luanda International Jazz Festival 2011

July 9, 2011

Now in its 3rd year the Luanda International Jazz Festival is rapidly becoming a worldwide name in the music industry. Organisers announced the additional 9 artists that will perform at Cine Atlantico from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July 2011. The festival is already one of the hottest events on the Angolan music calendar, with these new announcements, festival organisers are expecting a sold out show. The final lineup will see 19 top class musicians performing at the festival.

Leading the US team is the legendry artist, Macy Gray, who will make her debut appearance in Luanda. Her performance is expected to be a phenomenal musical melange of old-school soul, hip-hop, R&B, funk, and rock.

Ms Gray is in very good company with double grammy winning trumpet player, Roy Hargrove also from the USA. Hargrove was discovered as a high school student by no less than Wynton Marsalis. Over the past two decades he has managed to take his place as one of the greatest players of his generation. He has led bands in the Afro Cuban style; in jazz, hip hop/funk/soul- all of them phenomenally successful.

One of the things making the festival such a magical event is the festival celebrates rich music styles. Cubano Gonzalo Rubacalba is a perfect example: Here is a heavyweight jazz pianist from a country famous for piano masters and Rubacalba’s two Grammy Awards, 14 nominations and 23 albums have earned him membership of a very select club. Ever since he chose his main instrument at the age of 9, Gonzalo Rubacalba’s work has grown to embrace the most exciting and demanding bebop as well as the most poetic Afro Cuban roots music.

“Africa, she is my mother…” says Fernando Araujo better known as Yami. Living in Portugal for most of his life, Yami is an artist whose work is a living monument to the global power of African music. Born in Angola, he spreads his love for Semba, Caribbean Zouk and Brazilian Samba where ever he plays. In live performance Yami brings out all the energy and optimism of the funkiest Lusophone rhythms. They are mingled in his blood and as you can expect, the musicianship is extraordinary. Yami’s instruments of choice are guitar and bass and naturally, he sings in Kimbundo.
From Torino in Italy, Roberta Gambarini was born into a jazz loving family and started playing clarinet at the age of 12. By her late teens, she found herself on the jazz festival circuit in Europe and after some time in Boston USA, her career really took off. Today Gambarini has played among the greatest artists in jazz on every continent – with warmth, skill and impeccable timing. Roberta Gambarini’s performance in Luanda is a jazz lover’s dream come true.
Locally based group, Banda Maravilha has graced the stages and screens of the city since 1993. Started by five Angolan musicians, Banda Maravilha has built a reputation for masterful interpretations of Semba rhythms and within the group’s guitar melodies you will find beautiful works such as Zungueira, a passionate tribute to the women of Luanda and their daily struggles for sake of their children.

There is no doubt where Kizua Gourgel got his inspiration from; he started performing with his parents at the age of four years. Kizua went on to learn the guitar, he performed with Grupo Gingas do Maculusso and later gained much love and recognition for “Tetembwa” and Depois do fim”. With these and other radio hits Kizua has melted the boundaries between pop, Afro or jazz – they are all there wrapped in his remarkable voice.
Then from Southern Africa, the festival welcomes Sibongile Khumalo. Khumalo is well known as South Africa’s first lady of song for a very good reason- she has dedicated her musical life to perfection in the world of classical operatic music and jazz! Ms Khumalo has performed with the legendary Jack de Johnette, sung in opera houses of Europe and you are as likely to hear her exploring the rich African choral traditions at home in SA. Despite her schedule, Sibongile Khumalo still manages to spend time as a mentor passing on what she has learnt to young artists. And thankfully for Luanda this year, we get some of her sweet inspiration too!

This completes the line-up of the artists previously announced which includes Dee Dee Bridgewater (USA); Rui Verloso (Portugal); Spyro Gyra (USA); Ismael Lo (Senegal); Emmanual Kanda (Angola); Moreira Project (Mozambique); Mayra Andrade (Carbo Verde); Simmons Massini (Angola); Liquid Deep (USA) and Black Coffee from South Africa.

Tickets prices are: 8000KZ for Friday and 11000KZ per day for both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available from Ritek Rent- a Car, Miami Beach Restaurant and the following BPC outlets:
Nelito Soares; Agência Central; Sagrada Família,; Samba,; Maianga, 10 De Dezembro, Ilha, Centro de Empresas Miramar,; São Paulo, Centro de Empresas, Rua Rei katyavala
For further information, please visit or call the hotline on 934 760 092


Angola’s heart beat – the current state of Angolan music and its resurgence worldwide

July 9, 2011

Sonangol’s Universo magazine covers the current state of Angolan music and its worldwide resurgence. Be sure to check out their “Suggestions for Further Listening”, many which are featured on the excellent Caipirinah Lounge blog.

Publicado programa da 25ª edição das Festas da Senhora do Monte

July 9, 2011

Lubango – O comité organizador das Festas da Senhora do Monte tornou hoje, sexta-feira, público o programa referente a 25ª edição, cujo arranque está previsto para o dia 30 deste mês, onde o destaque vai para a realização da maior bolsa de negócios do sul de Angola, a Expo/Huíla, cuja abertura acontece a 17 de Agosto. Para este ano, o programa das tradicionais festas, que decorrem durante o mês de Agosto, reserva a feira agro-pecuária que tem como principal atractivo o leilão de gado, que anualmente movimenta cerca de quatro milhões de dólares, cujo arranque está aprazado para 10 de Agosto.
A realização, pela primeira vez, das jornadas técnico-científicas da Universidade Mandume Ya Ndemofayo, uma conferência sobre construção de habitações no sul de Angola, assim como um workshop sobre as competências da mulher no domínio da saúde pública constam das inovações para esta edição. No campo da Cultura, destaque vai para a realização de sessões teatrais de rua, a eleição da Miss/Huíla 2011, Huíla Fashion, para além das cerimónias religiosas no dia 15 (procissão de velas e missa campal), estas últimas actividades originais do evento.

No desporto, a evidência vai para a realização de um Festival Multidisciplinar da Juventude, torneios de voleibol de praia (a decorrer na tourada) e de velhas aguardas, tiro aos pratos, prova de atletismo, quadrangular de caçulinhas, os “200 quilómetros da Huíla” e a prova internacional de MotoCross.

Numa mensagem escrita, que acompanha o programa, o governador Isaac dos Anjos refere que a sua tradição faz-se presente todos os anos e não deixa nenhum cidadão desta província alheio a sua realização. Acrescenta que o Governo local promove o engajamento da comunidade e cria condições para que os visitantes conheçam as potencialidades da região e tenham igualmente a oportunidade de trocas de experiencias que ajudem a superar as dificuldades. “Este ano mais uma vez contamos com a presença de convidados estrangeiros que já manifestaram o desejo de visitar e tomar parte das festas, trazendo consigo amostras, entre os quais o Brasil, Alemanha, Itália, Espanha, Portugal, Roménia, Suíça, Namíbia, Zâmbia e África do Sul”, ressalta o governador.

As festas de Nossa Senhora do Monte remontam de 15 de Agosto de 1902, quando o padre Manuel Luz celebrou uma missa campal diante da imagem de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, na paróquia da Sé Catedral, sendo o principal cartão de visita da cidade do Lubango, sede capital da província da Huíla.

Luanda International Jazz Festival 2011

June 8, 2011

É oficial… começou a contagem regressiva para uma das maiores festas do ano. De 29 à 31 de Julho, alguns dos melhores artistas do mundo vão participar numa autêntica festa musical para os amantes do jazz e da boa música na terceira edição do LIJF. O festival vai contar com dezanove artistas que vão tocar em dois palcos diferentes durante três dias.  Mais……

Angolan Yacht Charter

May 30, 2011

Things are certainly improving in Luanda – there’s even a new yacht charter company.

Angolan event in London tomorrow 20 May 2011

May 19, 2011

Dear Friends of ACF

I would like to invite you to a unique cultural event to be held in East London on the 20th of May 2011 (please see attached flyer).

The 20th will be a rich evening with music from Xeye, food, films from Angola in the 1930’s and exclusive access to some beautiful Angolan artefacts made 80 years ago. There is no charge for entry to the event and food and drink is free.

 The Powell-Cotton Museum holds one of the largest collections of Angolan artefacts, photographs and films in the UK. For too long it has been hidden from the Angolan community, but now there is the chance to make this hidden treasure available again.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone who you think might be interested.

Kind Regards,

Catherine Moore
Research Associate – Powell-Cotton Museum

Everyman’s Guide to Angola’s Petroleum Geology and Oil Industry

May 4, 2011

Few places in the world measure up to the recent oil exploration significance of Angola, according to oil experts. This country is the second biggest oil producer in Africa after Nigeria.  What is it about Angola’s geology that favors so much oil production and what is the long term future of the oil industry here? The Angola Field Group invites you to a presentation: Everyman’s Guide to Angola’s Petroleum Geology and Oil Industry  at the Viking Club, Thursday May 05, at 8:00 PM with Geologist Tako Koning who will explain in layperson’s terms the subsurface geology that has led to the success of the country’s oil industry and what it means for the future. Tako, a Holland-born and Canada-raised geologist has 40 years experience in the oil industry, including 15 years in Angola. He worked with Texaco for 30 years in Canada, Indonesia, Nigeria and Angola; he retired in 2002 and continues to work in Angola as an oil consultant. More info on the Angola Field Group page.

Golf tournament marks inauguration of Barra do Kwanza field

April 21, 2011

Luanda – A golf tournament is to be held on April 24, here with the participation of about 40 players, among national and foreigners, says a source of the organisation.

Among the foreign participants are representatives from oil companies and embassies, adds the source.The event will also mark the inauguration of the ecological-tourist complex of Barra do Kwanza locality, outskirts of Luanda city. The new infrastructure has an area of 210 hectares with three fields.

Luanda : Angola Field Group Presentation on polio

March 18, 2011

On Thursday, March 24th, the Angola Field Group invites you to a presentation on polio given by Africare’s Country Director, Christian Isely, and Africare’s Program Director, Dr. Peter Wirsiy. Full details are on the Angola Field Group page.

Luanda carnival this weekend

March 5, 2011

14 children’s carnival groups open Luanda’s carnival today on the 2km long new Marginal..  A total of 41 adult and child groups will parade over the weekend. For background to Luanda’s carnival read the post immediately below this. (Those reading this on Twitter or facebook should check the main website )