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France not doing enough to stop FLEC leader: Angola

January 15, 2010

LUANDA (Reuters) – Angola summoned France’s top diplomat in the country on Thursday to protest that Paris had not done enough to bring to justice a leader of a Cabinda separatist group. More…………..

Governo angolano apresenta nota de protesto às autoridades francesas

January 15, 2010

Luanda – O governo angolano apresentou nesta quinta-feira, em Luanda, uma nota de protesto às autoridades francesas pelo facto destas não condenarem, com veemência, e accionarem os mecanismos desejáveis contra o cidadão que assumiu a autoria moral e material do ataque de 8 de Janeiro contra à caravana do Togo na fronteira em Cabinda. Mais……….

Angola slams ‘unjust’ arms trial in France

October 29, 2009

(AFP) LUANDA — Angola on Wednesday condemned the outcome of a high-profile arms smuggling trial in a French court, which convicted all but six of the 42 defendants, including the son of an ex-president.  Read on………..



French power brokers convicted over arms to Angola

October 28, 2009

PARIS, Oct 27 (Reuters) – A French court convicted the son of late President Francois Mitterrand, a former minister and others who were once among France’s power elite of crimes related to illegal arms sales to Angola during its civil war. Story continues……………..

Filho de Miterrand condenado por venda de armas a Angola

October 27, 2009

Verdict due Tuesday in Angola arms trafficking trial

October 27, 2009

(AFP) PARIS — A French court will hand down verdicts Tuesday in the trial of 42 politicians, businessmen and members of the Parisian elite accused of trafficking arms to Angola in the 1990s. Read the full story………