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Train returns to Dondo district after seven years

July 17, 2010

Dondo – The railway circulation between Luanda and Dondo district, in Kwanza Norte province, resumed its normal functioning, after seven years, with the arrival of train in the region, located 181 kilometres off the Angolan capital city. 
In the first journey, the train arrived in Dondo being driven by six technicians (five Angolans and one Chinese assistant), carrying four commodities wagons and six fuel reservoirs, with a delegation led by the Luanda Railways’ chairperson of the board of directors, Lobo do Nascimento.

Several people gathered in Dondo station to see the train arriving, once that they stayed long time waiting for this moment, because of the advantages offered by this transport.

On the occasion, welcoming words were heard from the traditional authority of the region, Manuel António “Kissola”, who stressed the importance it has on permitting to carry the products.

 Initially, only commodities will be carried twice per week, in order to allow to compact the railroad, then it will be opened to passengers, according to what was said by the commercial director of the company, Aurélio Russo.

 Through this initiative, it is opened the possibility to rent wagons by collective or singular people by paying 80,436 kwanzas per a wagon of 44 tones.  With the train circulation, Kambambe district will regain its economic importance.

 The Luanda/Dondo train stopped circulating in 2003 due to an accident in the kilometre 21, in Zenza-do-Itombe (54 kilometres off Dondo).

Source : Angop


Crocodile alert in Massangano, Kwanza Norte

October 26, 2009

Following  the death of an 18 year old man on 19 October, the municipal authorities in Massangano, Kwanza Norte province  are alerting the public to the presence of a large number of crocodiles along the banks of the Lucala river. The full story was reported in the Angolan press (in Portuguese only).

Autoridades preocupadas com presença de jacarés em Massangano

October 26, 2009

Dondo – As autoridades administrativas da comuna de Massangano, no município de Kambambe, Kwanza Norte, estão preocupadas com a frequente presença de jacarés nas bermas do rio Lukala. Leia mais……….