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Cantos de Angola em Lisboa

November 21, 2010

Ideias para comemorar em Lisboa os 35 anos da independência de Angola. Comer, Ver, Dancar, Comprar.

Portugal Turns to Former Colony for Growth

July 17, 2010

LISBON — António Cunha Vaz, along with his mother and sister, was part of a mass exodus of Portuguese from Angola in 1975, when it gained independence before descending into a devastating civil war. 

But in 2008, Mr. Cunha Vaz opened an office of his Lisbon-based public relations consultancy in Luanda, the capital of Angola, and last year, the company derived 37 percent of its 22 million euros ($28 million) in revenue from Angola.

Portugal, one of Europe’s ailing economies, is increasingly placing its hopes of recovery on Angola, a former colony that has established itself as one of the strongest economies in sub-Saharan Africa — thanks largely to oil and diamonds. The shift comes as competition is getting stiffer in Brazil, another booming former colony, and as Portugal’s traditional European trading partners, led by Spain, struggle under a mountain of debt and soaring joblessness. More……

Portugal and Angola: Ties that bind?

June 26, 2010

Portugal and Angola: Ties that bind? By Pedro Seabra and Paulo Gorjão

This article will attempt to summarize and analyze the current state of relations between the two countries. It therefore begins with an overview of the current relations between Portugal and Angola, focusing on the existing political cooperation between the governments at a bilateral and multilateral level. Then, the favourable economic climate, with several mutual investment projects already on the ground and others looming on the horizon, will be assessed. Finally, the article outlines some policy recommendations regarding specific short and medium-term issues that could – and should – be raised during the visit of President Cavaco Silva and Prime Minister José Sócrates. Download Full Text


Angola’s relationship with Portugal

May 9, 2010

“In a country enduring its highest unemployment in decades, the list of jobs on offer looks very tempting: financial director for a leading retail chain; sales manager in consumer electronics; air-conditioning technician; computer systems engineer; communications consultant.

There’s just one catch: the jobs are all a continent away, in Angola.”

Angola’s oil-fueled economy is booming, while its former colonial ruler is stuck in the doldrums. As a result, tens of thousands of Portuguese have left to seek work in the southern African nation, heading in the opposite direction of poor African emigrants desperate to find a better life in Europe. More…………….

Angola está longe de ser o El Dorado desejado pelas empresas portuguesas

May 2, 2010

Lisboa – A importância de Angola enquanto mercado económico para Portugal tem vindo a crescer de forma significativa nos últimos anos. Mas Angola ainda está longe de se tornar o El Dorado desejado pelas empresas portuguesas. Mais……………..