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Angola cuts fuel subsidies

September 5, 2010

By Henrique Almeida

LUANDA, Sept 1 (Reuters) – Angolan authorities cut gasoline and diesel subsidies on Wednesday as a prelude to liberalising the country’s downstream oil sector, triggering a steep rise in pump prices and the threat of protests from irate motorists.

The cut means a litre of gasoline will cost 60 kwanzas ($0.65), a rise of 50 percent, and diesel increase by 38 percent to 40 kwanzas, state-owned oil firm Sonangol said in a statement on Wednesday. More…….

Angola and DR Congo: Gas troubles flare

August 21, 2010

A delegation from US oil giant Chevron visited Kinshasa several weeks ago to discuss the building of a natural gas pipeline from its Block 0 off the Cabinda coast (see map) to Soyo in northern Angola. Initially the pipeline was supposed to go through the water, but it turned out to be too expensive, so the pipeline will have to cross Congolese territory around the mouth of the Congo river. According to some people close to the meeting, the Congolese government demanded a huge sum of money, a sum so large that Chevron had to walk away and the Angolan government, who is helping develop the $4 billion plant in Soyo, was reportedly furious. The Angolans reportedly said something like: “After everything we have done for the Congo, this is how you thank us?” More….

The battle for Angola’s oil

January 17, 2010

LUANDA, Angola, Jan. 15 (UPI) — The recent killing of two members of Togo’s national soccer squad in Angola during an African tournament by separatist rebels from oil-rich Cabinda province marked an escalation in their long-simmering war over the West African state’s energy wealth.

The high-profile killings on Jan. 8 in Cabinda, the center of Angola’s burgeoning oil industry and the core of its economy, can be expected to trigger a government crackdown against the separatists that will intensify the violence. More…….

Angola oil round on hold for at least 12 months

December 23, 2009

By Henrique Almeida. LUANDA, Dec 22 (Reuters) – Angola will not hold a bidding round for new oil concessions for at least another year, the head of state-owned oil company Sonangol said on Tuesday. Continues…………

English language magazine about Angola

December 20, 2009

Sonangol, the Angolan national oil company publishes a quarterly magazine in English about Angola.  You can download copies from the company’s website.

Sao Tome and Angola eye oil exploration partnership

October 7, 2009

LUANDA (Reuters) – Sao Tome and Principe, a tiny African island nation, wants to sign a deal with Angolan state-owned oil firm Sonangol to help it tap into its oil reserves, Prime Minister Joaquim Rafael Branco said on Tuesday……