Bradt Guide to Angola

coverjpegAngola is no destination for beginners. It has no Starbucks or McDonalds, and there’s only one functioning escalator in the whole country. Only seven years have passed since it emerged from three decades of armed struggle; the land is littered with 10million unexploded mines (which, interestingly, the elephants have learnt to detect and avoid) and there are few tourist facilities. But for the adventurous, this country offers over 1,000km of unspoilt beaches, excellent fishing and surfing, tropical forests and magnificent bird life. The first-ever English guidebook to the country, Bradt’s Angola is essential reading for business travellers and pioneering adventurers alike.

As Angola is changing rapidly, I have set up this site to provide updates to the book and also to provide an eclectic  mix of  additional information about Angola.  To get started, click the blue title at the top of the page for general updates or choose one of the  links from the right hand side of the page. 

Please feel free to use the comment boxes that are scattered across the site to send me  information that others will find useful. With your help we can build this site into a useful, up to date resource for visitors and residents alike.

Many thanks

Mike Stead

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