About me

Mike Stead is the principal author of the Bradt Guide to Angola. He has spent much of the last 30 years living and working overseas. Postings with the UK’s Diplomatic Service have taken him to Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Portugal and finally to Angola where he set about writing the first ever English language guide book on Angola.  Mike spent a year in Luanda as the Deputy Head of Mission and Consul at the British Embassy. Mike wrote the background and practicalities chapters, the appendices and the sections on Luanda, Bengo, Kwanza Sul, Kwanza Norte, Malanje, Huíla, Benguela and Namibe.  Mike and Sean Rorison co-wrote the sections on Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul. Mike is currently living in the UK.
Sean Rorison (author of the Bradt Guide to the Congos) wrote the chapters covering  Uíge, Zaire, Cabinda, Huambo, Bié, Cunene, Kubango Kuando, Moxico and  part of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul.

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