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Please use the comment box below to contact me. Your comments may be added to the website. If you would prefer your comments to remain private between you and me please say so and I will not put them on the site.


7 Responses to “Contact me”

  1. pedro bandeira Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Just to let you know about Julian Fisher’s expedition starting coming April 30th in ozambique. will be the sponsor for the Angola crossing.

  2. giuseppe Says:

    Dear sirs , I would like to know if you have any news about hotel Yolaka in Calandula. It seems that it is closed for good, but I wonder if you have any update. Thank you Giuseppe Mistretta

    • Mike Stead Says:

      Hi Giuseppe. According to Eco Tur, the Yolaka is still open, in fact they stayed there last week. The Palacio Regina was temporariky closed a week or so back, leaving Malange without a reasonable hotel for a while, but has now reopened. The Palanca is closed pending a new one being built in the same grounds (will only be 2013 at best I guess

  3. Anne Cécile de La Martinière Says:


    I launched a new website for the french communauty in Angola.
    I mentionned your book :
    and website :

    I would be nice if you can put a link for our website.

    best regards,

  4. Kalulu Says:

    Hi – am days away to my second trip into fabulous Angola – this time with your book. (big smile)

    Look here to learn more of trip one – which included the east – southeastern side of the country.

  5. lbwangola Says:

    Hi – the LBW (Luanda British Women) has a new website blog – – is it possible to change the address in your favourite blogs and links section? And anywhere else that the LBW gets a mention? We would really appreciate this. Thank you!

    • Mike Stead Says:

      Hi, really sorry it has taken so long to make the changes. Unlike you (with your lovely new website) I no longer have much time to update this! Mike

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