Updates : Practicalities

The French have opened a new Honorary Consulate in the town of Lobito. Contact details are not yet available on the french Embassy website http://www.ambafrance-ao.org/ Posted May 2011

The Luanda police have announced three new emergency telephone numbers




The usual number of 113 remains in service. Posted June 2010

The National Bank of Angola has reintroduced 1 Kwanza coins, though they are unpopular with members of the public. Posted February 2009

Update on taxis: The 150 taxis which have been delivered to Luanda, Cabinda, Benguela and Lubango are Kia Sportage 150 models. The taxi meter will start at 300 Kwanzas and will increase at a rate of 20 Kwanzas a minute / 30 Kwanzas per km. A second phase should bring in another 200 taxis. Posted December 2009

Excellent news – a taxi service will begin operating in Luanda on 26 December. 150 taxis will be available from the following 19 taxi ranks across the city:

Airport domestic and international terminals, Centro Comercial Chamavo – the square in front of IMIL, main post office, the square in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, Sagrada Família (in front of the Hotel Luanda), Hotel Trópico, Mutamba, Hotel Presidente, Hotel Continental, Hotel Alvalade, Dhália, Clínica do Prenda, Hospital Américo Boa Vida, Hospital  Maria Pia, Maternity hospital Lucrécia Paim, Maternity hospital Augusto Ngangula, the  Ilha , and  Belas Shopping. Posted December 2009.

Live the Journey , a South African travel company now offers tours to Angola. Posted December 2009.

Europcar car rental is now available in Luanda. Posted December 2009

Imaginative Traveller no longer operates regular packages to Angola, though they may be willing to organise bespoke trips. Posted December 2009

The National Bank of Angola has increased the ATM cash withdrawal limit from AKZ 18.000 to AKZ 36.000 a day. Posted November 2009

New taxi service in Luanda, Benguela, Cabinda and Lubango. The Ministry of Transport is to introduce a fleet of  75 taxis in each of the four host cities of the CAN 2010 football championship. Note that at the moment there are no formal taxi services in Angola. Read the the full story (in Portuguese) here. Posted November 2009

The Australian Government now covers Angola from its High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa.  Address : 292 Orient Street,  Arcadia, Pretoria – Telephone: +27 12 423 6000 – Fax: +27 12 342 8442 (Admin & Consular); http://www.australia.co.za. Posted October 2009

New car hire company. International car hire company Sixt has just opened a franchise operation at Luanda airport. Full details are on their website. Posted September 2009

Police emergency number. The Angolan Press Agency reported on 16 September that the emergency number for the police had been changed following a breakdown in the 113 number. According to the head of the communication and image department of the provincial command, first chief superintendent Jorge Bengui, the numbers available to the public are 222260472, 914041242 and 914041204. “The citizens can also use the numbers 914041201 and 914041061, belonging to the electronic police department, located in the operation unit of Luanda, he concluded” Comment: it’s not known if these are temporary changes. Posted September 2009

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