Angolan minister confirms that the black sable antelope is breeding

Luanda – The Angolan Environment minister, Maria de Fátima Jardim, Friday in Luanda confirmed the birth of nine young black sable antelopes, in Luando Reserve, northern Malanje province.

The minister confirmed this while speaking at the opening ceremony of the first meeting of Supervising Committee for Conservation Project of Black Sable Antelope, during which she said that the referred species include a male and eight females.


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One Response to “Angolan minister confirms that the black sable antelope is breeding”

  1. Jelle Boef Says:

    I would like to congratulate Dr. Pedro Vaz Pinto with perseverance and a first result in the fight to resurgence of the palanca negra in Angola.

    I should add that recently in the Luando Reserve a herd of between 40-50 giant black sable was seen. The 9 calves are testament to the fact that at least in Luando Reserve the population is breeding.

    I equally look forward to the first calves from the newly established Cangadala herd with a Luando Reserve bull. I would expect that as we speak the first calves may have been born there too ….

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