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Nasce a primeira cria da palanca negra gigante, após redescoberta da espécie em Angola

June 19, 2011
A primeira cria das Palancas Negras isoladas no Santuário (zona vedada de 400 hectares), do Parque Nacional da Cangandala, Província de Malange, já nasceu, informou o Engenheiro Florestal e Biólogo Pedro Vaz Pinto, em entrevista exclusiva a RTP África, recentemente.
Pedro Vaz Pinto, disse que, a tão esperada cria nasceu em Junho de 2010, e há dados não muito certos, mas que indicam já o nascimento de uma segunda cria. Mais……

Giant Sable Antelope update

February 26, 2011

Read Pedro Vaz Pinto’s latest report from Cangandala on the Angola Field Group’s Giant Sable page

Angolan minister confirms that the black sable antelope is breeding

August 29, 2010

Luanda – The Angolan Environment minister, Maria de Fátima Jardim, Friday in Luanda confirmed the birth of nine young black sable antelopes, in Luando Reserve, northern Malanje province.

The minister confirmed this while speaking at the opening ceremony of the first meeting of Supervising Committee for Conservation Project of Black Sable Antelope, during which she said that the referred species include a male and eight females.

Luanda : Saving the Giant Sable Antelope – documentary preview

May 8, 2010

The Luanda Field Group invites you to a sneak preview of the documentary film entitled Saving the Giant Sable Antelope, at the Viking Club, Thursday May 13th, at 8 PM*. Shot live on location in Cangangala National Park and the Luando Reserve over a seven month period, culminating in the capture operation last August to rescue Angola’s giant sable from imminent extinction, the film runs approximately 85 minutes and will be presented in English in full high definition. Check the Luanda Field Group website for full details.

Pedro Vaz Pinto’s latest Giant Sable Antelope report

November 22, 2009

Each month biologist Pedro Vaz Pinto shares news and photos from Cangandala Park on the Angola Field Group’s  Giant Sable page

10 Questões Essenciais Sobre a Palanca Negra Gigante

November 2, 2009

10 Questões Essenciais Sobre a Palanca Negra Gigante

New Hope for the Palanca Negra

September 23, 2009

The Palanca Negra or Giant Sable Antelope is Angola’s national symbol and the nickname for the country’s football team – yet fewer than 100 are believed still alive. Read on……