Photos and photography

I have loads of photos of Angola on my flickr page. I’m still uploading and organising them. 

If you like the cover photo of the Bradt Guide to Angola, check out Tonspi’s other magical photos on Flickr.

Photography in Angola is still a tricky issue. Taking photos of sensitive areas (eg government, military and infrastructure) is probably illegal and  could get you into serious trouble if caught. However, technically, there are no restrictions on taking photos elsewhere. This is  borne out by this Police photography memo which I lifted from the Internet. It appears to be authentic but I cannot vouch for it. You may wish to print a copy and keep stuffed into your camera case.

A very rough and ready translation of the flowery official language is

From the General Command, National Police

National Directorate of Public order


All Provincial Public Order Directorates

Subject: Taking photos in public places

Noting the number of Angolan and foreign nationals that are using public and other places in Luanda and elsewhere in the country to take photos of this beautiful country of a technical/ scientific, academic, commercial or  holiday nature

 Considering that this does not constitute any crime, except in areas where there are state, defence, security or public order  infrastructures

In accordance with point two of the rules of 16 October 2003

Note the following:

 All National Police Public Order Directorates must work to inform police officers not to create obstacles to those who take photos in public, provided that this does not constitute a crime

This circular is permanent and takes immediate effect

National Directorate of Public Order

Luanda 5 November 2003


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